Daniel cuddling Asher on the sofa

Hi! Welcome to my site! Where I share all things related to me, my family, thoughts, learnings, tips and what we get up to!

I am married to a concert Pianist, Jonthan Oshry, and Internet Entrepeneur. We have two gorgeous boys together. Daniel, 5, and Asher, 22 months. I am a dedicated full time, Mum. I believe that this time we will never get back, and the most important thing that we can do as mothers, is to invest our time and energy into our kids. It will pay off in the long run! Give them lots of love, attention, kindness, and interaction, and you will be rewarded with love, cuddles and sweetness. They will then share these gifts with others, and learn that this is the way to relate to others in the world. Spreading kindness, love, and respect, one child at a time.

So far, it’s working. Daniel has grown into a kind, lovely little boy. Highly emotionally intelligent. Doing so well at school. His teacher said that his behaviour is impeccable, He’s kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and refined. Asher is such a happy, sweet, loving little thing. He’s like a little Kangaroo, He just bounces around everywhere! Such a little cutie. And the boys absolutely adore each other. It’s so sweet when they cuddle on the sofa together. Such little sweetie pies.

My husband is South African, from Durban. I’m from London. Although I grew up in Marbella, Spain, from the age of 10. I then moved back to London, at 18, to study Law, at Kings College. Although my heart was always in art. Which is why I love the creativity of a blog and photography.

I lived in L.A. for a while, as my Dad and older brother and sister live there. My Dad, Stuart Shlosberg is a prosthodontist in Beverly Hills. I loved living with him there and the laid back, yet very stimulating life there. L.A. is such a creative place. So much innovation, and the weather is amazing. I then started going out with my now husband, (who I was literally in love with from the age of 12… but that is a whole nother story!) and because he lived in London, Little Venice, I moved there to be with him (after he chased me around the world for about 9 months – had to play hard to get 😉

After living in London for 14 years, we now live in Marbella, Spain. We moved here because my Mum lives here, and we thought it would be nice for our kids to live near their grandparents. Daniel absolutely adores my Mum. It’s also, a more relaxed, less stressful, healthier lifestyle, with better weather. We still miss much about London, but for now, here we are! Our son Daniel, goes to Calpe School. It’s a great little school. Very personal, and I love the relaxed family feel there. He’s really thriving, and doing so well there. In fact, he was awarded an award last term, -the child that has made the most progress. We are so proud of him!